Invention Ideas For Kids

How To Encourage Invention Ideas For Kids

All kids are smart in their own ways. The smartness manifests in different ways, but it is there. Your job as a parent is to make sure there is the right environment for them to be creative. Challenge them constructively, whenever possible. Ask them, can it be done differently? Let him think. Do not say “do not” or “never”, when dealing with your kid’s idea. Let him think, let him make mistakes. If you smotherĀ  creativity, there won’t be any ideas, there won’t be any inventions.

Kids are very creative, and think in an entirely different way than us adults. Because of this very reason, anything which they visualize has a fair chance of ending up as an invention. The problem is, almost always, the initial visualization of an idea which they make sounds totally crazy or impossible. If your kid tells you that he or she has an idea, stop being critical, and listen with an open mind. When you listen, you will have this irresistible urge to tell them a 100 reasons why it will not work. If you say so, you are in danger of disrupting the creative flow of ideas from your kid’s brain. So, bite your tongue, and listen to him.

Once you have patiently listened to him, do not think about why it will not work. Think about how it can work in the real world, and then, think about the changes which are needed. Gently present these ideas to him, and let him ponder himself, and come up with a solution. After all, it is your kid’s idea. Let him own it, your job is that of a guide.

How To Find Invention Ideas For Kids

There is this popular myth that inventions have to be completely new. No. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of the inventions are deceptively simple improvements made on existing devices and processes. We have seen things in a certain way, and take them for granted. However, those devices and processes are totally new to a child. So, there is a much greater chance of him challenging the conventional wisdom. In this way, a kid has an advantage over us.

It may be difficult to find specific invention ideas for your kids. Instead, you can let them play with and experience a variety of things, and always be on the lookout for creativity. Remember, he has his own mind, and thinks in his own way. His interests may be totally different from yours. So, do not feel upset with him if he is not interested in that latest cool electronic gadget which you bought for him!

How To Implement Invention Ideas Of Kids

Kids come up with ideas when you least expect it. Now, how do you turn your kid’s invention idea into a patent? The first step is to assess whether it is implementable. If you have the expertise to do this, great. Otherwise, discuss it with someone who is trustworthy and knowledgeable in that specific area.

If at the end of the discussion, you feel you can implement it, build a prototype. It does not have to be expensive, your objective here is to demonstrate that the invention idea can be implemented, and thus, patentable. Build a prototype, even if it is cheap, and looks clumsy.

Once you have the prototype, make sure you file for at least a provisional patent. Before anything, you should ensure that the invention idea is unique/new by doing a patent search. If it is already done by someone else, remember – your son is so clever that he was able to think of that independently! So, he is indeed an inventor. Encourage him more, and he will eventually come up with another invention idea which can be patented.

If it is unique, file for a provisional patent. Whenever there is a substantial change, make sure to file the updated patent. Try to market it. Inventions by kids are easier to market, the press generally tends to eat up such a story. Even if you are not able to market it, isn’t it good that your kid has invented something of his own at such a young age? Doesn’t that bode well for his future? So, it is always a win-win situation.

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